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Our Colorado Springs Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to the new website for Spectrum Rehabilitation.  Spectrum Rehab is always looking for a better way to help our patients.  To be constantly in pursuit of better physical therapy methods, ideas, philosophies, and techniques allows Spectrum Rehab to provide the best possible therapy to our patients.  Likewise, we are constantly trying to improve the way our message is delivered.  One of these methods is the internet, and with the evolution of our home page comes a better way to deliver physical therapy news and philosophies to Colorado Springs and the people who live here.  So take a look around, see what’s new, and by all means, send us a message and let us know what you think.

A Leader in Colorado Springs Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

With three convenient locations in Colorado Springs, Spectrum Rehab in committed to serving the needs of our community. We offer multiple forms of physical therapy and rehab, including massage therapy, aquatic therapy, cancer rehab, and hand and occupational therapy.

The staff of our Colorado Springs rehab centers is committed to excellence in patient care and customer service. Our first priority is ensuring your rapid recovery. Our comprehensive treatment programs are designed to get you back to living your life. Each of our physical therapists has a dedicated assistant working with them, providing you the best possible care. Plus, you’ll always work with the same physical therapy team.

We proudly serve the areas of:

  • Woodland Park
  • Fountain
  • Security-Widefield
  • Fort Carson
  • Peterson Air Force Base
  • Schriever Air Force Base

Our flagship facility covers 17,000 square feet, making it the largest of its kind in El Paso County.

Comprehensive Treatment at Our Rehab Centers in Colorado Springs

At Spectrum Rehab in Colorado Springs, we rely on a range of comprehensive treatment modalities to reverse pathology and restore range of motion, flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination. Many members of our staff have decades of experience, advanced degrees and multiple certifications in physical therapy and rehabilitative treatment fields. Our expert physical therapists provide some of the best outcomes in the state.

Therapeutic treatments we use include occupational and exercise therapies, custom splinting, manual therapy and aquatic exercise. Our Colorado Springs rehabilitation centers are home to Southern Colorado’s only heated hydrogen-peroxide pools, which we use for aquatic therapy to promote muscle relaxation, relieve pain and swelling, and strengthen weak, destabilized and sensitive muscles.

Cancer Rehab in Colorado Springs

At Spectrum Rehab centers in Colorado Springs, we provide comprehensive cancer rehab services to help you maintain or regain your social, psychological, physical and professional functioning, both during and after your treatment. We know how important it is for you to stay independent, productive and in control as you cope with this devastating illness.

Our Colorado Springs rehab offers therapy and exercise to manage cancer pain and build endurance, mobility and strength throughout your cancer treatment, and once it’s finished. Exercise and massage therapy can help to restore the physical damage from cancer and cancer treatments, and help you return to your pre-cancer activities and regain your quality of life. Our facilities and qualified staff are equipped to handle cancer rehab for patients at all physical levels.

Our Performance Development Division

Not only do we offer physical therapy and rehab, but we have a state-of-the-art performance development division, Max Performance. Staffed with sports medicine experts, we’ve produced state and national champions. We’ve also trained athletes who have won gold medals at the Pan-American Games, become leading Spartan Obstacle Racers and even competed in the Olympics. In fact, 84 percent of our high school athletes have received college scholarships.

Visit Spectrum Rehab for Your Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Needs

We are always striving to incorporate the latest in physical therapy techniques and modalities for your optimum rehabilitation. We are committed to keeping high-quality care accessible and affordable to all members of the Colorado Springs community.

Thank you for choosing Spectrum Rehab for your physical therapy needs.